Wednesday, October 21, 2009

what course is the best for preparatory medicine?

If you're aiming for an effective medical doctor, is it necessary to take many preparatory courses before taking proper medicine?
I recommend life experience. Take copious amounts of drugs and alcohol. Not JUST for the sake of escapism (that will come in handy later), but also for the altered mental states and visionary powers induced. Then take the next 5 or so years recovering/incorporating from the trauma a having your concept of self and the world radically reorganized. During that time, "bum" around, keeping odd jobs, learning new skills, and most importantly. earning dollars. That way you don't end up owing mad cash to the student loan centre. God forbid you'd have to sell your soul to heal others.
No, like most things it's a learning process. I'm a medical student, and your course will help you prepare to be a good doctor. Just be prepared to put in the hours, and remember that communication is important. It's good to have previous knowledge of biology and chemistry, but not essential.
Not necessarily that you will take many preparatory courses, you should select only one from B.S. Medical Tech , B.S. Biology or B. S. Zoology, since most of them are related to Medicine, instead of taking preparatory medicine, it is advisable that you should finish a 4 year course.

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