Saturday, November 7, 2009

What does asthma feel like?

After I run, my throat feels like it closes and I cant breath as well. It isn't really bad, but I don't like it.
You know when you run and get out of breath? Imagine that ten times faster, shallower and not being able to control it, knowing life depends on the ability to regulate breathing and calm down. Your lungs cannot fill to the capacity they should. Mine is, or was I am happy to say, exercise induced. Go to a doctor and see if an inhaler helps. Trust me, there is no greater relief than that of an asthmatic after using an inhaler. Its like breathing in air (as opposed to walking on it). Go to a doctor. You dont want an attack, which is what I just described. I've had 3. Luckily, I grew out of it. Forget the unpleasant wheezing, lungs being constricted, and all that. Fear the attack like the plague. Its the scariest thing ever. Go to a doctor."Regular" asthma feels like your lungs have shrunk and you cannot take in normal amounts of air, however hard you try. Taking in a deep breath brings no relief and is not quite the equivalent of one normal breath. It feels like what it is: the bronchiols in the lungs shrinking, prohibiting the passage of air. You are suffocating and you know it. Aaaahhhh but when the spell is over. Such sweet relief. Its good to be alive.
heart attack
awful its hard to breathe
Hi. It's like trying to breath through a straw while running.
ur chest goes tight nd u start wheezing nd ur throat closes up.. its such a terrible feeling =[
It's like,you have a very hard time breathing when you're just walking slowly up stairs,or after you run for like,less than 10 seconds,you still can't breathe very well.Most have to use puffers.Talk to your parents/doctor.
For me, it feels like my lungs are constricted and I can't take in a deep breath (something like trying to breathe through a straw).
If you are concerned that you might have asthma, you need to see your doctor as soon as practical. Asthma affects everyone differently, and everyone is going to have a different perception on what an asthma attack feels like. It's going to be really hard to decide if you have asthma or not from people's questions.
It's pretty normal to be out of breath after running, though.
Hope this helps!
Asthma sucks!! It feel like you cant breath, and your chest is tight! I have it all the time after I exercise. See a doctor! He can put you on a med or give you a inhaler.
Being suffocated
It sounds like you have exercise-induced Asthma, something I used to have in spades. Go to a doctor with your concern and get a diagnoses. He (or she) will be able to tell you what's going on the best.
There are lots of really good answers here. The main thing is for you to see a Dr. quickly. Asthma can be very dangerous. If that is what it is, with meds, you can lead a very normal life.
for me, it feels like elastic bands round the top of your lungs, like a pain high up in both sides of your chest- no matter how hard you suck, you can't get enough air in, or out
Asthma is a teriible thing to have,
though it is not curable yet,scientists are looking for a breakthrough,
for people without it,they are lucky

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